Tree Removal

Tree Removal Rockaway NJ is a specialty of ours. We are experts and it shows in how we conduct ourselves on every job.

When Tree Removal becomes necessary on your residential or commercial property, just give us a quick call and we will come right out for a free estimate. We provide hand-written professional estimates for every job, on the spot. We will also answer any and all questions you might have.
Once our proposal is accepted we can schedule your job right away. We come out and get the job site ready when we arrive. Preparation is the first thing we do. You will notice the attention to detail when we begin. We treat your place like it is our very own. I want to let you know that the job site will be a little noisy with the buzzing of the chainsaws and the chipper as well as the stump grinder. They are not all usually running at the same time but never the less it can get pretty noisy especially at certain times. We clean up here and there as we go along but there is a final clean up that takes place when the job is almost complete. You will be impressed with the way our team respects your property.
We cater to residential and commercial properties so don't hesitate to call for a free estimate. We will come out as soon as we can and provide a hand-written estimate. We also work with your insurance estimate if you have one. All your landscaping will be looked after and cared for by our team. We do our best to not damage any plants or flowers while we are there.
Please note that we can do a complete job or we can leave you with some nice firewood if you wish.

Tree Removal Rockaway NJ and Safety: Nine Things You Didn’t Know 
The inception of sophisticated equipment may have made tree removal Rockaway NJ seem pretty simple. However, that may not be the case. There are a lot more complex things to realize about tree removal. Whereas the whole removal process may have been made simple, other factors or issues surrounding this activity still stand as they are. That said, here is a list of some of the things you didn’t know about tree removal and general safety.

  1. Municipal by-laws. Different towns or cities have varying laws about logging process and landscaping. For instance, laws applicable at Rockaway NJ may not be similar to those in your town. Therefore, always ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the various laws guiding this process. Exercise utmost responsibility when undertaking the process too. Otherwise, this could be a receipt of much trouble coming your way.


  1. Permits. Several cities, if not all, require that you obtain a permit before engaging in the logging process. This is in line with the recent agreement between several nations about environmental conservancy. Therefore, you should obtain a tree removal permit before taking any action to avoid possibilities of getting fined for not considering one beforehand.


  1. Tree Removal Rockaway NJ. The best time to undertake this activity is largely reliant on personal objectives. Whereas some trees are perfect for winter, others can be done during summer. However, it is recommended that you undertake any tree service when the plant is dormant. This suits the description of winter conditions.


  1. When not to prune. Since there are perfect seasons for undertaking any tree service activity including removal, there are worst times to think of doing it too. That said, the worst time for any tree activity is during an imminent fall. Not everybody yearns for complete tree removal. Others log the tree and provide an opportunity for the plant to grow with a fresh start. Therefore, consider the prevailing weather conditions so as to provide the plant with ample healing season.
  1. Safety concerns. There are numerous safety concerns surrounding Tree Removal Rockaway NJ. Beginning with gravity, faulty equipment, power lines and decayed wood, you should always be prepared for anything. For instance, hitting a power line can be deadly. Dead and decayed trees from the inside pose a great danger. Therefore, take extreme caution when handling these tasks.


  1. Tree trimmerarborist, and a landscaper. Understanding the differences between these terminologies can be of great importance. To a layperson, the terms may seem interchangeable. However, they are different. A landscaper cares for the entire yard e.g. irrigation, mulching. A trimmer means exactly what the name suggests. An arborist is an expert with years of experience in tree biology and maintenance. This is the person to consult.
  1. When to call an arborist. Consider employing the services of these professionals if you find the whole process daunting. They are well-versed in providing every tree service.
  1. What’s beneath your tree. Tree Removal Rockaway NJ always accompanies stump removal. However, before going for it, consider what is under your tree. Otherwise, you can interfere with sewer lines, gas lines or power cables.
  1. Insurance policy. This is among the vital factors to consider before undertaking any tree removal exercise. With a valid insurance cover, damage from the activity will be compensated alleviating any losses.

Tree Removal Rockaway NJ could be an essential service if there are various pressing issues concerning the tree. However, for better results, taking into account these factors could come in handy in preventing several consequences.

A lady called a while back. She said she was in the middle of the process of choosing a tree company for Tree Removal Rockaway NJ and trim some other ones. We went out to do the estimate and she said she already had 2 other estimates. We explained that we always want to be sure to compare apples to apples when selecting a tree company. We told her how to be sure the one she goes with has verifiable insurance. That way if something was to happen it would not come back on her homeowner's policy. We also told her how we own all our equipment and have everything needed to do her job so we wouldn't be needing to rent something. And how we also maintain all the equipment ourselves. That way if there was a problem with something we know what to do to help ensure the job goes smoothly from start to finish. We also explained how we prep the ground before driving any trucks on it so we don't damage her property while we are there. She said none of the other companies explained any of that. She said they just gave her a price and a start date and that was about it. She liked the fact that we explained everything to her and our price was the best one as well. She signed up while we were there and we put on right on the schedule.
After the job was completed she sent us a letter a few weeks later. It was a thank you letter stating that we were men of our word. She said how happy she was that everything went exactly as we had told her and that she was going to be using us in the future for all her tree service needs!