Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy At Rockaway NJ Tree Service means we never sell or share your information with anyone that is outside our own network. This way we are sure to keep your information safe and secure. We treat you like we want to be treated! Here at Rockaway NJ Tree Service you matter to us. Without you we wouldn't be where we are today. Our customers are our life and we thrive on referrals. If you use our Tree Services one time we know you will want to tell a friend or two. When you do tell someone you know what a wonderful job we did on your property then we are sure we received the highest form of a compliment.

Privacy Policy pages on other websites are far more complicated than ours. Other companies want to bore you with legal and complex terms and conditions that appear confusing and we feel all that legal mumbo-jumbo is not necessary. So, we put things into very clear terms and let you know we just want you to be happy with us and the way we do things. From your first contact, we only share your information with our fellow companies within our tree service network. We never sell or rent your name, email, phone number or address. We know we don't like it when a company does that to any of us. So, we don't do that to our valued customers.

Privacy Policy at our company will tell you a lot about the kind of people we are. If we had negative intentions you might be able to pick up on it here on this page. But as you can plainly see we do have your best interest at heart. We hope you have enjoyed reading this short memo about our policy to keep your information where it belongs. Private!