Stump Removal Rockaway NJ

tree being uprootedStump Removal Rockaway NJ is easy with the proper equipment. Just give us a call and we will meet for a free estimate. You will like our fair pricing and we can schedule you while we are there for a free estimate.
We have several Stump Grinders for Stump Removal Rockaway NJ. We have both smaller and larger Stump Grinders. We use the appropriate machine in accordance with the size of the stump.
It is important to remove the stump well below the surface of the ground as this will kill the roots. But it also leaves a hole in the ground. We fill all that in for you with debris that we make from the grinding. This is all included in the price. You will find we accommodate you no matter what type of work we are doing on your property. We want to make sure you are more than satisfied with our service so we always go the extra mile.

Stump Removal Rockaway NJ; Methods and Benefits 

Stumps are certainly not the prettiest things in the world. Besides being an eyesore, stumps pose an extensive danger to human life. They can be a source of major accidents if unseen. Just to mention, stumps result from dead, collapsed or fallen trees. For a clean and tidy landscape, getting rid of such stumps is of immense importance. That said, there are many ways of stump removal Rockaway NJ. This is accompanied by the numerous benefits associated with the different methods. This activity can be conducted by the individual or by employing the services of professional stump removers who offer a myriad of other tree services.

Methods of Stump Removal 
Various methods of stump removal can be applied to eliminate these eyesores for Stump Removal Rockaway NJ. However, this depends on the size of the stump, cost among many other factors. Some of the methods include:

Use of a stump grinder

stump grinding serviceA stump grinder is a machine that hydraulically spins with special cutting teeth grinding back and forth the tree stump. In this way, the stump is literally ground away. It is perhaps the most preferred method for huge stumps. Stump grinders come in different sizes. Choice of size depends on the size of the stump. So to say, a bigger stump requires a bigger stump grinder and vice versa.

Benefits of Stump Removal Rockaway NJ

  • It is a fast method
  • Cost-effective
  • Not labor intensive
  • The resulting grinds can be easily moved


  • Chainsaw blades get quickly blunt upon contact with soil


Manual stump removal

dug out tree stumpThis is the second option available for removing medium sized stumps. This basically involves manually digging out the stump by hand. Such method is preferred for stumps with shallow roots as they can be easily reached. Begin by digging out the surrounding areas as you cut off the roots radiating out of the stump. Taproots can present quite some challenge but are neutralized once the radiating roots have been eliminated.




Stump Removal Rockaway NJ can also be achieved using chemicals. There is a myriad of chemicals available that facilitate this process. The rationale behind this method is that chemicals burn out and enhance decomposition of stumps facilitating an easy manual removal. Such chemicals include fertilizers with high nitrogen content.


As the name suggests, this is a stump removal technique that uses fire. Fire is set up in the stump by drilling holes around the stump. Kerosene oil or other fire igniters are used to enhance the burning rate. A burnt stump is relatively weak thus can be easily removed.

Having said this, what are the benefits of stump removal?

Benefits of Stump Removal Rockaway NJ
bare lot clearedRegardless of the method used to eliminate stumps on a landscape, there are various benefits associated with this activity. Some include:

  • It enhances the aesthetic landscape. As mentioned before, stumps are an eyesore. Removing them enhances the general aesthetic value of the field.
  • It saves on space and safety
  • It improves convenience. Stumps may inconvenience the activities of lawn mowers and other general landscaping procedures.
  • It reduces the chances of unwanted growth and pests. Stumps are potential sites that facilitate springing up of new trees. They also harbor small insects such as termites, ants and wood borers which are destructive. Removing the stump solves all these problems.

There are a bunch of reasons to conduct Stump Removal Rockaway NJ. Besides, professional help is always available to simplify these activities.